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Handmade Wardrobe, Tops / Wednesday, January 9th, 2019


This Cheyenne tunic by Hey June Handmade was my first button up!

Oh how I love this pattern! I think I am a little obsessed…


In this post I will show you the Cheyennes I have made this year: (1) front placket with 3/4 quarter sleeves; (2) sleeveless tank with front placket; (3) full button-up, long-sleeved tunic.



My 1st Cheyenne Tunic – cotton shirting fabric from JoAnn’s

I LOVE THIS PATTERN! Did I mention that already? 

This pattern, and the Cheyenne Tunic Sewalong   is amazing, and it taught me how to make a button up.

MUSLIN/ 1st Cheyenne

Size: small

I made my first Cheyenne in the spring was immediately obsessed with this pattern. Here’s the first reason:  I hate making muslins. Hate it. But I do it a lot, because what I hate more is wasting fabric on something that doesn’t fit. BUT NO MUSLIN NEEDED HERE! Essentially, my first attempt was the muslin for my first Cheyenne Tunic and it fit really well!  My measurements are approximately 36″-29″-40″.  I chose to use the size small based on the garment measurements, not the body measurements.  It helps that it has a relaxed fit, but the sizing it right on.

This shirt felt like a big accomplishment for me. My first real shirt! 

2nd CHEYENNE – Sleeveless Tank

I lived in this top over the summer! What’s better than a breezy woven tank in the heat of the day? I cut out at least 3 more in this style, and have plans for a few collared tanks as well!

Hey June has a great article detailing the adjustment in the armscye that is needed to avoid gapping in the arms. The image to the left is taken from that article.

It was easy to make up a new pattern piece in my size with this modification! 

Somehow, this one ended up a bit tighter than my first, and as a result, the button placket kept gaping across the bust. So, I sewed the placket from the bottom up to the top button. I guess the buttons are just decoration now! But, it still slips over my head easily, so I don’t mind.

3rd CHEYENNE – Long sleeved, full button placket

First, let me say how much more enjoyable a make is when you use gorgeous fabric. Right? The double cloth I used for my 3rd Cheyenne, from Indie Sew, is one of my favorites ever. I usually only wear dark colors, but I’m a sucker for a pop of orange. 

Sleeve plackets can be kind of a pain, but they are so satisfying! I did add a 2nd smaller button on the placket to keep it from gaping open.

Broad back adjustment – One adjustment I did on this long sleeved tunic and the next one, was a slight broad back adjustment. If you feel like your garment is tight when you hug, or pull your arms forward, you may need this adjustment. I found this article by Deer & Doe helpful. I did not add a shoulder dart.

Collar – I love the method of attaching the collar that is described in this pattern. I have tried a few other methods since I made this, and I like this one the best. It helps me not insert the collar upside-down (interfacing down), which I have done before, ugh. 

I have fabric and plans for soooo many more! That’s all for now!

I did make a 4th Cheyenne in 2018, but I have not yet photographed it!

It’s gorgeous and made with more Indie Sew fabric – flannel type shirting. Here is a sneak peek!

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